Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guess That Gun, Part 3

As it stands, here are the current rankings of Guess That Gun:

  TheFormer786 – 11
  RedSteve – 6.5
  Rachel – 2
  Tiff – 4
  Katie – 4.5
  Melinda – 3
  Becca – 9.5
  TheOne (I need to know who you actually are) – 11.5
  cwils33 – 7.5
  Tracy – 1

If you have been playing the previous two rounds of Guess That Gun (located here and here), you no doubt have realized that some of them are fairly easy, while others are a bit more difficult. This has never been truer, as there are some on today's list that nobody should miss, and others that I'd be surprised if more than a few people got. The rules will remain the same, with two additions:
  1) Though the name of the game implies that you should guess which gun is being shown, you only need to say which movie the gun is from. (After all, "Guess Which Movie That Gun Comes From" doesn't have as nice a ring to it.)
  2) Anyone/everyone can enter until 8am, Thursday, January 14th. At that time, I will collect the guesses, show the correct answers, and announce the winners.
Good luck to all in this, the final round.

Guess That Gun
Round 3

One (1)

Two (2)

Three (3)

Four (4)

Five (5)

Six (6)

Seven (7)

Eight (8)

Nine (9)

Ten (10)


The Former 786 said...

Ok, let's see if I can beat "The One."

1. Leon - The Professional

2. It's a woman. . .Thelma and Louise?

3. Serenity! (these are all movies, right?) If not, Firefly!

4. Hook - "Try to stop me, Smee!"

5. Uh. . too dark. . .but it's a mechanical looking gun and a veiny hand. . .I'm going to go with my default: The Matrix.

6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Did I get this one wrong last time, or did you use it in two different lists?)

7. Sideways gun looks like he's trying to curve the bullet. I'm gonna go with Wanted.

8. GAH! This one looks so familiar!! Silence of the Lambs?

9. Yippie-ki-yay! That's from Die Hard, baby!

10. Guns popping out from a device in the sleeves. . .yeah, I don't know this one, sadly. But I'm gonna guess Boondock Saints because I love that movie and you should have included it in this game if you didn't.

Well, how'd I do?

Melinda said...

Okay, once again, I'm guessing here...
3- Terminator
4- Hook or Legends of the Fall
6- Roger Rabbit
9- American History X

Sigh.. only 3 right so far... I suck!

Tiff said...

I'm afraid I must claim total-stupidity-when-it-comes-to-your-wonderful-game. My brain is completely fried from all the paint fumes and I cannot identify I single one....great game though, can't wait to see the answers. Thanks a mill for Saturday, you guys rock!

--jeff * said...

1. leon the professional
2. thelma and louise? (don't think it'd be in your collection, but....)
3. serenity
4. hook
5. a new hope
6. who framed roger rabbit
7. the fugitive
8. lethal weapon?
9.die hard
10. desperado

TheOne said...

1- leon the professional
9- die hard
10- desperado

BTW I'm Vijay and i'm from India. i didnt think i'd do this good as my exposure to hollywood movies is quite limited.
anywaz i am not lucky enough for this 3rd round.

Becca said...

1. Leon the Professional
2. ?
3. Shoot Em Up
4. Hook
5. ?
6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

TheOne said...

i'd also like to add these to my previous entry:

3- serenity
7- the usual suspects

TheOne said...

a few more guesses before the contest ends.

2- copycat
4- master and commander
5- cobra
8- hollywood homicide