Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guess That Gun, Part 1

I have long said that if one wishes find out who a person really is, one simply needs to peruse their movie collection. Think about it: people like movies that match their personalities, and I can't think of a better way to "meet the man", as Xiang Yu said—or rather, as Firefly said that Xiang Yu said—than to search through the movies that person views as "good/sentimental/worthy/etc. enough to be owned".

After having that thought, I decided to go on a journey of self-discovery and document my movie collection. As they were already in alphabetical order [insert OCD comment here], it was simply a matter of going across the shelves and writing down each film in the collection. And what did I discover during this sojourn of mine? Many things. I discovered that, due to the nature of how my collection came to be—that is, some coming from my days at Blockbuster, some coming from the wife when we were married, some coming from presents from others—it is one of the more varied and eclectic collections I have come across. I also discovered that, had two of my movies not mysteriously disappeared, I would have exactly one movie for every day of the year—I'm looking at you, whoever has my copy of Three Amigos.

My collection, in 363/365ths its glory.
I also discovered that, of the 363 movies I own, just shy of half of them—172 by my count—have guns in them. Now, lest you fear that this is going to be a pro/anti-gun entry, you can sleep easy knowing that it is neither. While I do have feelings on guns, controlling them, and what they do/can do for society, I also love me some skeet shooting and appreciate what they have done in the past. In short, guns are what they are, and if you are looking for opinions on them, might I recommend searching elsewhere. Besides, as the old saying goes: "Guns don't kill people. Missionaries do."

Elder Killington
No, rather than take up arms on the gun issue (get it?), I propose a game: Guess That Gun. The rules are simple. I will show you a screenshot of a gun—as well as a bit of background, to aid the guessing process—from a movie in my collection, and you guess which movie it is from. If you think you know what movie(s) the gun(s) is(are) from, leave a comment(s) with your answer(s). (I am temporarily moderating comments to discourage any cheating.) As this is a game show, yes, there will be prizes* for those who get the most right—but in order to find out what they are, you have to play. The game will last for the next three or four entries, and each person who enters will have a running total for all the days. So, just because you think you don't know many on one day, doesn't mean you won't get every one the next time.

*This will probably not be one of the prizes.
And now, let me present to you...
Guess That Gun
Round 1

One (1)

Two (2)

Three (3)

Four (4)

Five (5)

Six (6)

Seven (7)

Eight (8)

Nine (9)

Ten (10)


The Former 786 said...

It's true. I totally judge a person/family based on their movie collection. I married into some less-than-great movies, but I also married into Nosferatu, so I'm ok with it.

Now, onto the guns:

1. The Big Lebowski

2. I'm gonna say Pulp Fiction.

3. It's old people (look at their necks!) so I'm gonna say Cocoon.

4. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

5. That's Ash's boomstick from Army of Darkness.

6. Casino Royale (at the end) or Quantum of Solace (at the beginning).

7. Meaty hand, neon lights. . .I'm gonna guess Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

8. That's when Doctor Octopus cheats at cards in Maverick. Great movie.

9. Saints and Soldiers?

10. The Patriot?

Fun game! Let me know when the next section is posted up.

RedSteve said...

I realize I'm not nearly as well versed movie-wise as a number of your friends, but here goes:
1 - The Big Lebowski
2 - ?
3 - Holes
4 - Indiana Jones, maybe
5 - Army of Darkness, it's his "boomstick"
6 - Casino Royale with Daniel Craig, NOT with Peter Sellers
7 - Pulp Fiction
8 - Sherlock Holmes
9 - Saving Private Ryan
10 - Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

Rachel said...

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I believe I will score horribly on this! Haha... but I thought it was worth a shot!

1) The Big Lebowski
2) ??
3) ??
4) Indiana Jones
5) ??
6) Scarface
7) James Bond
8) ??
9) Jurassic Park
10) Pirates of the Carribean

Tiff said...

4-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
7-James Bond (it could be any)
9-Saints and Soldiers
10-Pirates...COTBP (the first one:)
That's all I know, fun game, can't wait for Thursday.

My copy of Three Amigos is my own, mom gave it to Ry for a birthday present once...sorry! What's the other movie that is missing?

Katie said...

3. Alien--i'm pretty sure that's Siguorny Weaver, so I'm totally guessing
4. Indiana Jones Last Crusade
8. Shanghi Noon
9. Road to Perdition
10. Pirates of the Caribbean

Melinda said...

Okay, these are ALL guesses...
1. King Pin
2. Beverly Hills Cop
4. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
7. Pulp Fiction
8. Shanghi Noon
9. Saving Private Ryan
10. Pirates of the Carribean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

Becca said...

1. The Big Labowski
2. American Beauty
3. Holes
4. Indiana Jones
5. Army of Darkness
6. Quantum of Solace
7. ?
8. Assassin's Creed 2
9. Saints and Soldiers
10. Pirates of the Caribbean

Sorry, I was "Anonymous". I was not logged in so I guess that's what it put me down as. Sorry again.

TheOne said...

1- the big lebowski
2- the mummy
4- the last crusade
5- Army of darkness
6- Casino royale
8- Maverick
9- enemy at the gate
10- pirates of the caribbean

cwils33 said...

Adam, This is Cortland.
When you talked about this I admit I though it would be easy for me, but looking at these....phew tough! Good job. Here goes.

1- Colt M1911 - I see a bowling ball, I guess Big Lebowski.
2- My poor guess is Absolute Power - don't know what the missing guns is.
3- No idea the movie, look like .357 magnum
4- Easy - Walther PPK - IndyJones last crusades.
5- Looks like Rambo's head with a Side by Side
6- Silenced HK in a James Bond movie - don't know which one.
7-??? no idea - The Godfather
8-Pocket gun - Maverick
9- M1 Garand - Saving Private Ryan
10- Glad you put this one in, so I could get one. Pirate gun - Captain Jack Sparrow.

--jeff * said...

1. big lebowski
3. holes
4. indiana jones and the last crusade
5. army of darkness
6. casino royale
7. johnny dangerous?
8. maverick
9. unforgiven
10. pirates of the caribbean