Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guess That Gun, Part 2

It seems the first round of Guess That Gun had a fairly good response. As there might be others who join late in the game, I am not going to reveal the answers to round one just yet. But here are the totals for those who have played. (I'm giving half a point to those who said that a movie was from a series, but didn't specify which movie in the series.)

  TheFormer786 - 6
  RedSteve - 5.5
  Rachel - 2.5
  Anonymous (I need to know who you actually are) - 6
  Tiff - 4.5

All in all, not bad guesses from many of you. Please, keep them coming and tell those you know who would want to play. Before round two starts, let me clarify a few things to help those playing. Firstly, all the screenshots are from movies I own. In other words, if the movie is still in theaters, you can toss it out. Second-of-ly, all the screenshots are from movies, so if you guess a video game, you can also toss it out. And thirdly, anyone can play at anytime. That means if you only discover the game on the last day, you can still guess for previous entries. And if you already guessed for a round, but an idea suddenly springs into your head as to one you missed, feel free to enter.

Guess That Gun
Round 2

One (1)

Two (2)

Three (3)

Four (4)

Five (5)

Six (6)

Seven (7)

Eight (8)

Nine (9)

Ten (10)


Katie said...

3. Sixth Element
6. Dark Knight
7. Pirates of Caribbean
8. O brother Where art Thou?
10 Ace Ventura

1 & 2 &9 are so familiar I can't place them!

Tiff said...

I only know #7 as Pirates/Dead Man's Chest
These are my only other guesses...
#1 The Usual Suspects
#2 The Dark Knight
#8 3:10 to Yuma

Again, they are only guesses...I'm not really a gun girl you know:)

Melinda said...

WOW! Those ones are WAY harder! URGH... Okay... here's my guesses...
6- The Dark Knight
8- Public Enemies
9- Jaws
10- Miami Vice or Ace Ventura??

The Former 786 said...

Ok, this one doesn't look as easy, but here goes.

1. Hot Fuzz

2. Black gloves. . .but not a Batman glove. . .The Punisher?

3. Orange shirt. . .The Fifth Element?

4. Maybe. . .Stand by Me

5. Double guns. . .and a car. . .I don't know, Gone in 60 Seconds?

6. The Dark Knight

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

8. O Brother Where Art Thou?

9. The Matrix? (although the colors are too bright)

10. Romeo and Juliet

Tiff said...

My guess for #9 is one of the Die Hards

RedSteve said...

1- The Fifth Element
2- V for Vendetta
5- Terminator 2
6- The Dark Knight
8- Public Enemies
10- Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

TheOne said...

1- hot fuzz
2- equilibrium
3- fifth element
4- brick
5- deja vu
6- the dark knight
7- waterworld
8- the untouchables

cwils33 said...

This is Cortland, I guess i was too late for round 1.

1-Looks like WH Macy in Fargo, but I don't think he had a shotgun. Ah, I dunno???
2- Modified CZ or HK not sure. But definitely Equilibrium. Awesome pick
3- Easy. Modified something - 5th Element. Awesome pick.
4- Man the revolver ones are tough - could be anything. Shirt looks like Shawshank Redemption
5-Agh! I dunno. I should, but I don't.
6- Easy - Dark Knight opening sequence.
7-Looks like an older pirate movie -Treasure Island?
8- Bonnie and Clyde
9-Swear I know this, but can't think of it.
10- True Romance??

Man I will be pissed off when I see the right answers on these ones!

Tracy said...

The only one I know is number 6, which is the Dark Knight. :(

Becca said...

1. History of Violence
2. Sin City?
3. ?
4. American History X
5. Deja Vu
6. The Dark Knight
7. Pirates of the Caribbean
8. Public Enemies
9. A Clockwork Orange?
10. Romeo + Juliet

--jeff * said...

1. hot fuzz
2. equilibrium
3. fifth element
4. stand by me?
5. bourne identity?
6. the dark knight
7. pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest?
8. o brother
9. space balls
10. romeo+juliet

TheOne said...

i'd just like to add this to my previous entry:

9- Spaceballs