Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super-Awsome Find of the Week, installment 9

Faithful followers of NU14 will remember a story I told a few weeks ago. It was a true rags-to-riches tale in which a woman found an original NES and a few games in her attic, posted them on eBay, and soon discovered that one of her games was among the list of Video Game Holy Grails which sold for over $13,000.

You remember this, right?
Now that we have that super-awesome story fresh in our minds, allow me, if you will, to tell you an even superer, even awesomer story.

Like the last story, I am going to ask you to put yourself in someone else's shoes. This time around, you are an eBayer who goes by the handle vals2girlz. You have a decent eBay score and repertoire—usually selling things that can only be described as "chickish"—but are by no means a power seller. Oh, and you hail from the sprawling metropolis of Olathe, Kansas.

A GoogleImage search of "Olathe Kansas" brought up this picture.
One day you read a story about a woman finding a game in her attic and selling it for a cool chunk of change. This sparks a memory in your mind that your children used to play video games and you have them all in a box in the basement. You go downstairs and start searching through the box, not expecting to find much. Imagine your surprise, then, when you almost-but-not-quite literally strike gold: your very own copy of Stadium Events—the same game you had just read about.

pay dirt
But what is this? You quickly notice that not only do you have a CIB—complete in box, for those who don't speak eBaynics—copy of the game, but yours still has the factory seal on it. That's right: you have the only confirmed factory-sealed Stadium Events in the entire world. Imagine the level your surprise would jump to upon discovering that.

At this point, you are probably as surprised as you will ever be, right? I would have thought so as well—until I looked at the price the auction closed at: forty-one thousand three hundred dollars.

That's right—$41,300... for something you didn't even know existed a week ago.

Hey: at least you offered free shipping.
Yeah. That's super-awesome.


Claire and Jesse said...

My cousin used to own that game. I remember wanting to play the hurdles, triple jump and long jump, y'know. But, of course, my brother always played with my older cousin and wouldn't ever let me in on that sweet sweet floor mat action.

Becca said...

Free shipping is the LEAST she could do! Damn, I wish I could be so un-nerdish-ly lucky.

Becca said...
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